The effectiveness of TENS Unit

What is the TENS unitWell the common notion among some people is that TENS unit or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine is an excellent alternative to painkilling medication. A TENS machine is a small and a battery-operated device as well as portable which can be worn on the body. The box is usually attached by wires and the sticky pads are stuck to the skin. Small electrical pulses like electric shocks of little intensity are transmitted to the body. This can surely help to ease out some types of pain in certain people. Well certainly there is not much proof that TENS machine works effectively but there are many people who find it helpful. There are numerous advantages and TENS unit is mostly without any possible side effects.

The working procedure of TENS unit

The word Transcutaneous means passing through skin. This machine device delivers pulses or small electrical current to your body with the help of electrodes which are placed on the skin. There are numerous beliefs that this machine affects the way various pain signals received by our brain. In usual cases, pain signals are sent to the brain via the nerves as well as spinal cord. The small electrical shocks released from the TENS machine which blocks the pain signals sent to the brain. As a result the brain will receive fewer results from the source that is causing pain.

The TENS machine usually work in two ways:

  • The TENS machine generate a high pulse of 90-130Hz which interfere and blocks various pain messages which are sent to the brain. What happens is that the brain us busy receiving signals from the machine rather than from various parts of the body which are slower as the body is receiving them from elsewhere. That is same mechanism which happens when you injure yourself and rubbing that area temporarily reduces and block the pain.
  • When the machine is set on a comparatively low pulse rate (2-5 Hz), then it helps the body to make its own chemicals called endorphins which are pain easing. This plays the role or morphine block the various pain signals.

What are TENS unit used for?

In most cases, TENS therapy is very much effective for internal pain which is specially concentrated on a fixed part of the body. This form of therapy is used to treat target pain areas like

  • Stiff Joints ( Knees, ankles, hips, wrists)
  • Pain from post surgery
  • Sore muscles as a result of hard work out.
  • Even labor pain in pregnant women.

What are TENS unit used forThis machine is not effective used to treat pains like rash sunburns, cuts, bruises, sore throat and even headache. But in case they are used for right type of pain they can surely provide incredible relief. It even allows people who are physically consumed by pain to move around freely as well as comfortable throughout the day.

There are many additive drugs which are prescribed for pain but TENS units are usually non-addictive as well as completely safe and certainly do not use any type of chemicals. That is the reason why it is ideal for people who have the problem of taking medicines together and can even be discretely worn under clothing if required and left on for hours at time.

How effective is TENS unit

TENS unit has proved to be very effective for some people. Studies have been conducted and no side effects of the machine are proven usually. In fact if used for the right cause this unit has proved to be highly beneficial and omfortable.

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